Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Just Don't Care

Gino Vannelli "I Just Wanna Stop"

Peep game...he cold.

It feels good to be home

I just returned to Tokyo after a week long trip to the Kansai area. While the trip was great overall, I most enjoyed the short time I spent in Osaka...

My grandmother, Kiyoko, was born and raised in Osaka, where art, music, and culinary cultures, among others, flourished in one of Japan's most vital port cities. She would enjoy much of her youth before WWII changed her life forever. After her high school was permanently evacuated following a direct attack by a allied warplane, a night time firebombing by over 300 U.S. B-29s in 1945 destroyed her home, along with anything else within a 25 square mile radius of her. Long after the war was over, she remembered how she clung to her younger sisters as the wind from the flames nearly swept them away. While raising a large family in California, my grandmother dedicated the rest of her life to supporting peace, humanities, and the arts.

Today, my late grandmother rests in Osaka City, living once again in the home of her youth. The city's culture is flourishing, and I know that she could not be happier.

We miss you, Grandma.