Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kind of like a big deal

Lots of things going on in the world of hip hop over the past several days, locally and otherwise.

First, I saw State Cap and DBL perform last weekend at Picnic Day...they put on a great show.

Thank thee Lawd...the Clipse blessed us with their first track off of Til the Casket Drops yesterday - "Kinda Like a Big Deal" featuring Kanye, and produced by DJ Khalil.

Check out the track at the Play Cloth's blog. Speaking of Play Cloths, we still have a very limited amount of Spring 09 items left.

Also be sure to check out JoEL's new mixtape, The Director's Cut, and Chase's new Steroids mixtape.


Illecism x Lucky Leftys from Illecism on Vimeo.

Watch the whole video, but the 3:00 mark is a must see.

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