Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last Thursday, Corbin and I headed down I-80 to the FIFTY24SF gallery for the Shinganist show, curated by Usugrow, featuring work by Toshikazu Nozaka, Mozeskey, Bene, Jun Kaneko, and Usugrow himself. The show had a large turnout, including an appearance by my (unbeknownst to him) cousin Robin Williams (glad to see him out and about).

It was exciting to see some of Usugrow's newer pieces for the first time. You might recognize a few of these from the shop, in the form of Black Dallas tees (which quickly sold out).

Toshikazu Nozaka's work also stood out to me (if anyone has six grand laying around, please buy this for me).

Inspired by the event, we've decided to re-release a limited number of Usugrow x Black Dallas tees, beginning today.

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