Wednesday, July 22, 2009

history of violence

I pretty much grew up on pro wrestling. I am not ashamed to admit that. While I am relatively out of the loop when it comes to the modern era of sports entertainment, this stuff still resonates with me, to some extent, years later. These guys put a lot on the line, all too often ending their lives early, to give grade school kids and grown men living in their parent's basements something to talk about on Tuesdays. Here are a few select clips representing some of my favorites:

RIP Eddie

EDIT: I forgot how hard some people obsessed over the OG ECW. Due to popular demand, bonus clips!

RIP Mike Awesome


  1. That Eddy/Rey match from Havoc '97 is such a riduclous match. The Moonsault to DDT spot remains as one of the coolest moments in Pro Wrestling history. God bless that Rey Mysterio.

  2. Dude you ever seen the video where Chris Benoit suplex Sabu into the rafters and when he comes down he snaps his neck on the mat? That shits crazy, look for it. It's where Benoit got his nickanem The Crippler, well that was before the father of the year award.