Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Decade: Sports

The third question discussed in the survey was "what was your most memorable sports moment?" There were a lot of incredible sports moments during the last 10 years...championship runs, #756, comebacks, malices in palaces...but nothing was more significant for those of us in Sacramento than the Kings' run during the early part of the decade. Not just one moment, but several characterized as the Greatest Show on Court.

Welcome to the life of a Kings fan:

"I have no favorite sports moment, because the Kings always fucking lost at the start of the decade. Thanks to the NBA and Game 6 for ruining all of my sports hopes, dreams and wishes. Perhaps the most exciting team of all time..." - NDP

It pains me to even post this...

"Favorite sports moment? NOT when Robert Horry hit the three against the Kings. I traveled down to the Staples Center to watch game 4 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Mike Bibby was in the middle of his amazing playoff run and the Kings were about to go up 3-1 in the series. That was a long flight back to Sacramento." - Ryan

While the heartbreak and cynicism have been strong ever since that series, it's important to remember the good times, and the people who brought them to us.

While they didn't bring home any hardware, the mass hysteria and ensuing local pride was unforgettable. A bunch of goofy dudes came to the "least desirable destination in the NBA" and transformed Arco Arena into a cowbell-powered riot. You can move the team, but you can never take this era away from us.


  1. I just broke my computer screen watching that game get stolen away.


    Rob from iPhone.

  2. Damn!!! Memories. I Think It would be awsome for a Lucky Lefty's tribute tee for our Sacramento Kings era with divac, Bibby, C-Weeb and he rest of the crew. Maybe the sportsillustarated cover with some LL hits of the arm or back. Somthing like that would be awsome. What you guys think?