Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rip Zinger New York City

Last year, photographer Tomonori "Rip Zinger" Tanaka released his first book to masses. This year Rip followed up with his second book, "Rip Zinger New York City", which chronicles his travels in the Big Apple. He held a release party at his new space, the Slope Gallery, in Tokyo. Here he is with his brother Moto (wbase) and W-Base shop manager Yohei.

Rip leaves his mark everywhere. Maybe you've seen his stickers around before.

The new book all the way from Japan.

Rip's perspective on life is unique and refreshing; you can get this feeling while looking at his book. This clip is from Fourstar's Super Champion Fun Zone. I think it shows Rip's personality well.

Come by and check out his book; available now at Lucky Lefty's.

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