Wednesday, December 9, 2009

おめでとう W-base!

While we were celebrating our one year at Lucky Lefty's, our friends over at W-base in Tokyo were celebrating their fifth year in business. Quite an accomplishment, but no suprise knowing who's behind the shop. Take a look at their party from last week.

This is Moto, owner of W-base. Moto has been riding bmx for over twenty years and he kills it! Check out some of his other videos when you get a chance.

You might have been fortunate enough to get some of Moto's stickers if you came through the shop recently.

This is the original Wbase sticker from Moto's first year in business. It's crazy to see how far his shop has come in five short years.

Congratulations to Moto, Yohei, and all of our friends at W-base.

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