Friday, April 24, 2009

Stussy Womens Spring

"Now he's like a millionaire...he parties in Hawaii, 24/7 buddy! I could do something like that don't you think? Like a fucking shirt that says 'loser,' or I don't know like srdsfjlkj, 'talk to the hand!' Or something like that...those would sell. I don't know I got these ideas, like a a big ole hat that goes beeoweep."

Introducing Stussy Womens, now available.

10 Deep Spring 2

In store now.

if you're not first, you're last

Special thanks to Apex. Got a lot of work done on my bike there today. Hit them up for great service and expertise 117 D Street, Davis, CA.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

" stuffed in em"

New Mishka denim is now in store, including the storied Alexei Japanese Selvage joints.

(via MishkaNYC)

"The Alexei uses some of the highest quality 14.5 oz Japanese Selvage denim you can get your hands on! Seriously we’re not exaggerating here, you’d be floored to know who else uses this same stuff! It is woven on the same vintage shuttle looms used until the 1960s for most U.S. produced denim."

I've heard who those brands are, and they are no joke. The best in the barrio. Get yours before they're gone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kind of like a big deal

Lots of things going on in the world of hip hop over the past several days, locally and otherwise.

First, I saw State Cap and DBL perform last weekend at Picnic Day...they put on a great show.

Thank thee Lawd...the Clipse blessed us with their first track off of Til the Casket Drops yesterday - "Kinda Like a Big Deal" featuring Kanye, and produced by DJ Khalil.

Check out the track at the Play Cloth's blog. Speaking of Play Cloths, we still have a very limited amount of Spring 09 items left.

Also be sure to check out JoEL's new mixtape, The Director's Cut, and Chase's new Steroids mixtape.


Illecism x Lucky Leftys from Illecism on Vimeo.

Watch the whole video, but the 3:00 mark is a must see.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I received a nice surprise from the Mishka D.A.R.T. division today.

D.A.R.T. (Death Adders Road and Track) is held down by John Prolly and company.

haunting my nightmares...

Thanks again to Greg (Mishka) and John Prolly (prollyisnotprobably). We'll try to get out to NY soon.