Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You

To every person who's helped us out...every customer, and every brand...the student counselor who told me this was a "stupid idea"...the landlords who didn't want us to move in...every person who supports our vision...every person who reads this blog...every person with an open mind, and every person who gives a sh*t about anything...To my friends and family.


See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We opened our doors on Black Friday, 2008, with a handful of brands, busted knuckles, and fingers crossed. Come check out what we have going on this time around. Follow the LL Twitter for more details.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanksgiving is coming up, and many households in the Sacramento region are still food insecure. This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Lucky Lefty's will be taking food donations at the shop. All goods will be donated to the Sacramento Food Bank.

The Sacramento Food Bank needs
- Canned and dry goods
- Fresh produce
- Unexpired, USDA certified, perishable food items (meat, eggs, dairy)
- Pots, pans, plates, and silverware

Anybody who brings in a donation will receive a discount for any in-store product. Please help out!

retrospect pt. 2

Over the last year, Lucky Lefty's has allowed us to travel quite a bit. Out of these great locations, Tokyo and Honolulu are still my favorite, though I'm not complaining about any others (well maybe, but that's neither here nor there). With that said, home is still where our heart is.