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Vancouver, BC 6/10

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danpatsu shiki

After tying off my hair, they lopped off all of my locks, all of which I've donated to the American Cancer Society.

The remaining clippings will be donated to to help aid the Gulf oil spill cleanup operation.

Big thanks to Shawn and Anthony of Anthony's Barbershop (2408 21st St).

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I haven't watched pro wrestling much in the past decade, but this is truly amazing...

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Digital Harinezumi

A little video made with my new Digital Harinezumi (thank you PowerShovel).  Last Thursday at the shop.

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WEC Aldo vs Faber.  Arco Arena.

The WEC/UFC put on a great event at Arco Arena this past weekend. Aldo vs Faber marked the first WEC promotion pay-per-view event, including two title fights and one undercard fight now being called "the fight of the decade" by Joe Rogan.

We started out at the weigh ins on Friday afternoon.  It's amazing to think that some of these athletes regularly cut in excess of 15% of their total body weight to make their class limit.  Seldom have I seen somebody so eager to down a bottle of Gatorade.  Scott Jorgenson, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, and Urijah Faber were some of the huge WEC names on Saturday's card.

Saturday's fights sold out Arco.  Our city's meathead population arrived en masse, in uniform via lifted Silverado, though I was quite surprised at how diverse the overall crowd makeup was.  Sacramento rarely shows this type of enthusiasm and support for anything, but it seems as though the UFC/WEC, and more importantly Sacramento-area fighters (like Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendes, and Danny Castillo), are like the second coming of the 2001 Sacramento Kings.  The crowd noise was deafening.  

While Urijah lost to Jose Aldo in the main event (five round unanimous decision), his pain (pictured below) was a significant gain for the sport and the fans.  

(photo via

Big thanks go out to Amp Energy and Zuffa Inc for bringing us out to the event.  Just bleed, folks.